Investment loans

Property has been considered a popular path to wealth for Australians for many years.

Buying their own home is often the first significant investment most people make. Loantime Finance’s variety of investment loans can help first time home buyers and investors to navigate the right path.

Advantages of investment loans

Purchasing another property may well be your second investment – even before shares and other assets. However your first investment in property need not be your home. Buying a rental property can be a good way to gain capital growth that can be used later to help buy your own home. Sensible investments in property have many attractions. Property can be less volatile than shares and it tends to be regarded as a safe haven when other assets are declining in value. Property has the potential to generate capital growth (an increase in the value of your asset) as well as rental income. There are also tax advantages associated with negative gearing. Buying real estate, whether you are buying the family home or an investment, is one of life’s most important financial decisions. However, when buying an investment property, it is wise to remember that you are making a business decision. You are not buying from the heart, but from the head. You are buying the property because you expect it to appreciate in value and give you a financial return.

Investment loans

Property investments are not always a simple procedure. Whether building or buying established, it’s often hard to know where to turn for advice and where to look for the investment best suited to you. You may not even be sure of the right type of investment for you. Loantime Finance have a high level of experience with these matters and can even include a buyer’s agent that, for a fee, can research, locate and even negotiate the purchase for you. More often than not, finding an area with a driver behind it is essential for capital growth. A new school, shopping centre or rail link can add value to a purchase that many may not even be aware of yet. Subdivision of an existing property can also offer a great way to increase value to an investment but…. how do you do this? Lean on our skill-sets and experience to help provide the information you need to make an educated decision on your future in property investment.

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